Thursday, April 19, 2012

stress is just right around the corner.

Yesterday's outfit. It has been pretty good weather this whole week. A few days have been so warm that I wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. The air conditioner and heater are the same thing and sometimes it works as a heater and sometimes it works as an air conditioner but you can't choose between when what works, so sometimes I'd be using the air conditioner and all of a sudden it becomes really hot.
Today was something in between. Kind of warm but a little bit chilly at times. I kind of like it that way. Heat is not my friend.
I was watching an episode of a drama during my lunch break between classes. I like to multitask. When I finished my food, my episode wasn't over yet and I feel like I'm wasting time if I'm not doing at least two things at once so I did makeup while I finished the episode.
tops from Taiwan, jacket from Harputs Union, Vena Cava silk shorts from Aritzia, Doc Martens, Tiffany & Co scarf, gift.
There's only two weeks left of school; it's hard to believe that time has passed so quickly! Right now, I wish I had more time to do things I want and need to do. Like laundry and cleaning my room. And sewing clothes for myself and making stuffed animals and phone pouches. And drawing. And preparing for Fanime. All things that I can't do because I need to concentrate on getting my work done. Final projects have been assigned and I have a lot of things I need to be working on. Two essays due on monday, final dress and skirt for patternmaking, a collection for sketching and another collection for apparel presentation. A knit project and a recycling/upcyling in class final. Final tests. All fun things (minus the essays and tests) just not under stress and time constraints. Here's a few of the things I've been working on in the past week.
This is my sketching assignment that I turned in today. I based it on images I found of the ocean. We get a new assignment for sketching every week. The one before was a guys collection that I based off of pictures of the suburbs that I took from my phone.
For my current apparel presentation project, I am working of a collection based of flowers.
My teacher is kind of ehn about this collection from me because he thinks it is too predictable from me and wanted to see something else. I don't know what else I can do to change it; there's not much time left so I don't think there is much that I can do. There's currently 30 pieces, and I have to narrow down to 8-10 to finalize and present. Cutting down always seems to be the hardest part. Working hard. Love, Kaia


Alianne Russell said...

These are so beautiful! I wish i had enough money to go to school where I can learn that. :<

Ludo said...

Beautiful drawings! I especially love the ocean and urban based designs.

Kun said...

I love the ocean and suburbs based designs! I guess it's because the flower based ones are, fluffy? well, flowy XD and I guess too literal unlike the first two?

Good luck with your studies! <3

A said...

I think your design are so imaginative and beautiful <3 Good luck!

Gracie Rose said...

Wow! That's beautiful! blogg

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