Thursday, April 26, 2012

wu hoo!

Getting items on my wishlist, especially items that have been on my wishlist for a long time, feels really accomplishing. Does anyone remember the Jason Wu for CND nail polish collected that I was dying for last spring? The one that I didn't buy because it was $47 and I couldn't break the bank for it? The one that was over $50 after shipping? I have it now.
On a whim, I decided to check it up to see if it was still for sale and surprise! It's 70% off! My lucky day. I snatched that baby up before you can count to three(hundred). It's $15 currently, plus $5 for shipping. Not bad, not bad at all.
In addition, it comes with a bottle of free nail replenishing oil. Gee, what a deal. I bought my set on Goindulge. I'm pretty sure they're still available. The colors are my kind of colors. Sophia is the mushroom taupe that I've thought of buying several times from Chanel and Nars, which were both over my budget. Bridgette(dusty rose) is darker than my skin tone, which was surprising. I thought it'd be about the same tone. Regardless, it's quite pretty. I didn't think I would like Miss Wu(light grey) because I thought it'd be too light for my liking, but it turned out to be my favorite out of them all. It's the only matte nail polish I've ever owned, which is...different. I'm not sure if I like that. But there's always topcoat. Veronica is probably the only color I wouldn't wear, but you know. Never say never. It's quite pretty, just not suitable on me.
But that's not it for the Jason Wu wishlist! I talked myself out of going to the Jason Wu for Target collection because I didn't want to spend any more money. But the more pictures I saw, the more I regretted not going. In March I checked the stock and there were a couple size 6's available within traveling distance from me (one in Harlem, one in Elmhurst). It's not hard getting around New York, but it takes a lot of time and time I did not have so I opted to order the size 8 that was available online and hope for the best. If it didn't fit, I could take it back and return it to a Target. It came and it fit! But not well, so I guess you could count that as not fitting. The waist was fine because it came with a belt, but the bust was really, really loose and did not look flattering at all, and this is supposed to be a flattering dress. I didn't take it back right away because I was hoping there would be someone with a smaller size that would be willing to trade with me. In early April, I joined a Jason Wu for Target facebook group and found a girl who was willing to sell me her size 4.
I am so happy with it. I think the 4 is a better fit than the 6. Tomorrow, I'm taking back the size 8 to Target, since I wont be needing that one anymore. Two Wu items obtained! The only Wu wishlist item left is the pair of Jason Wu x Melissa pink bow flats.
But I don't think I'll be buying these. I contemplated for a really long time in December when I saw that they were available in Saks, but I convinced myself no. On another note. The senior fashion show was today and I got pictures! I am not a photographer so my pictures are pretty terrible, but some pictures are better than no pictures, so I will hopefully have them up tomorrow or next week. Seeing the seniors present their work just makes me all the more excited about my own collection. Love, Kaia


Kun said...

Those nail polish colors are really pretty! The light gray one especially so! <3 Red polishes look really gorgeous too, but they can sometimes give an old(well, like 30s ish I think) person vibe when I try using them :/ do they make you feel that way too? haha.

That dress looks so nice X3 flared skirts are always so elegant looking~

K said...

$47 marked down to $15? I'll be picking up one of these, the colors look great! I like the red and the pink the best.

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