Thursday, April 12, 2012

bearing the work.

For my assignment in patternmaking, we were told to make a sleeve sewn on to a bodice.It's supposed to be half a bodice and just one sleeve but I don't like to make unfinished projects, especially with fabric because it seems like a waste to make something with all the time and effort and not to be able to wear it. So! I made my sleeve on a full bodice as a sweater so it could be worn.
Critiques were today. Critiques are always really intimidating, especially in patternmaking because sewing details are examined very closely and I am not good at sewing.
I did elbow patches out of some pink corduroy fabric that I had, and then attached bear claws to the elastic hem sleeves. The claws are sewn with white jersey knit and stuffed, sewn closed, and are attached to the sleeves with snap buttons so that they could be easily removed.
Back is a centered zipper for getting in and out of. Bottom has a lace trim hem, as I lace trim everything I make. I was nervous, but the critique went pretty well. My professor didn't go too harsh on criticism; she told me that I could have done better on the zipper, and that the elbow patches could have been...rounder. "Hey, I have to find something to critique on."

Probably the biggest downside to this sweater is that I got the fabric from our fabric supply room so it's not the best in the world. Wearing it for a little bit is ok, but it gets really itchy when I'm in it too long. Not the most comfortable.

Making clothes is rewarding, though. I'm really terrible at making dresses but for one of my finals I have to construct a dress. Hopefully that will go ok...

Love, Kaia


li_zakura said...

The sweater is so cute! hehe you're very talented! :)...oh and good luck with the dress you have to make, i'm sure it's going to be beautiful^^

Sad China said...

Omgoodness.. u need to set up a store or smthing n sell some of these designs.

Did u make ur skirt too? Cuz the bottom hem matches the sweater perfectly lol.

I think u did a rly good job but I can see that the sewing culd be better but then, the distressed look is not bad! Also this is probably 100x better than what I culd've made hahah.


Iris said...

Super cute sweater and the dress looks so beautiful as well, you´re so talented♥!

Jennifer said...

love that you made it yourself! I'm sure you'll get better and better and your dress will be amazing!

Mens Black Suits said...

That's so pretty! I like that one! I'm looking forward to wearing that sweater.

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