Wednesday, February 20, 2013

sailor or a school girl.

I wore a new dress today! I traded it for two items from the BTSSB lucky pack that I bought. I didn't know how much I'd like it at first because this dress is very form fitting, which is unlike the clothes that I usually wear. Figure wise, I have a short torso and pudge around the waist, I'm well suited for empire waist and babydoll cuts, so those are the styles I generally go for. This dress has a drop waist bodice and has no elastic in it. I when I got it, I wasn't expecting at all for it to fit.
I can't even begin to explain how amazed I am that it zips up all the way! Not only that, the shape is very flattering and curves in at the waist. I've only had it for a few days but it's really grown on me.
The dress is Victorian Maiden. It's one of my favorite lolita brands, but this is the first dress I own from them. Also my first sailor style dress. I've always kind of wanted one. This one is black and ivory, which I didn't think would be so easy to coordinate but I happen to have a ton of ivory colored things.
Today I got a ton of compliments on my hair! I took out my braids during lunch break and so many people talked to me about my hair during the afternoon, which was unexpected! I've worn the same hairstyle for about three weeks now but no one has said anything about it until today.
Posing here with my dressform, Camille. In addition to this dress, I received three other dresses in the mail this week and last week. I'll hopefully be posting them soon.

As an omake, here's some pictures I snuck from a critique on Tuesday.
Everyone went in with something that looked really awesome and well put together and like with most critiques, I felt pretty inadequate because I'm really not much of a seamstress. Our assignment was to create a fully lined lapel jacket.
My teacher is really good at sewing and isn't afraid to tell us when we do something completely wrong, and I was so prepared to be told off. I presented last, and I couldn't believe how nice everyone was. My classmates gave the sweetest comments and told me how cute my jacket was and asked me to try it on, then told me it was so cute that I should just wear it out. I get really shy when I'm complimented and I was pretty much reduced to a pile of goo by the end of the critique. I can post pictures of my jacket and sketches once I get it back from grading.

Love, Kaia


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Hey Kaia~
Just wondering where do you do your trades (for the lolita dresses)?

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