Thursday, June 6, 2013

fairy me.

t-shirt and necklace from Zambicandy, collar made by me, skirt from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, heart bag from Angelic Pretty, socks from Taiwan, shoes from ebay
Zambicandy gave me a shirt she made so I tried making a fairy kei coord with it! I bought this skirt a while ago, but I didn't have that many tops that went with that shade of pink, so I'm kind of excited about this outfit! Sax and pink are one of my favorite color combinations, but I haven't worn them together ever since I sold off my pink babydoll jumperskirt from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Love, Kaia


Kun said...

that outfit is so pretty! I love the collar and lace socks. Really really makes it pop a bit more :D gosh i love everything about this though haha. the shirt and the fluffy pink skirt match so well aaah

Sugarskullsheart. said...

so cute :3
like the shoes ~

prancing bee said...

Very cute! You pull off so many different styles.

Unknown said...

You're beautiful, love your blog!!!!

pigeon said...

pretty pretty, too pretty! your style is just too adorable <33

[cute weirdoland -]

Photogenici by Nicole said...

such a cute code!!

visit and follow back


KiaraV said...

...too cute! *w*

? said...

I just would like to say...


e.o I stayed up til 5 am looking through your blog and other sites. >.< (Not to sound creepy...)

I adore, admire, love and appreciate your style, creativity and character.

You are a very talented and cute person whom I really look up to. :3

Thank you for being you! You made my day/night.

Sorry if this all sounds weird, I am slightly sleep deprived. ^~^"


Aleksandra Wądołowska said...

soo cute :**

Unknown said...
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