Monday, October 17, 2011

weekends are made for relaxing.

It feels like on weekends I have to work extra hard on homework, which really sucks because that's all I do all day every day on weekdays. But for the most part, I work on homework all through weekends. That's what I've been doing, at least. But last week I decided that I really needed a break so over the weekend, I did some cook, had some friends over, and went to Comic Con.

Now I'm more tired than ever.

Tee from NYCC, jacket from H&M, pants from Zara, Converse

I got this shirt when I was at Comic Con this Sunday. It's a print of Star Wars storm troopers. I bought a few shirts while I was there. Comic Con was fun. I did a little reflection kind of thing on my tumblr.

Oh and now these shoes I'm wearing. I needed new shoes because my old Converse are reaching five years old and the number of holes and rips are increasing fast.

Black leather Converse from Michael K in Chinatown/Soho area. They have a pretty good selection of casual shoes. Big section for Converse styles and colorways that I've never seen before,which is kind of cool.
Yeah, back to work.

Love, Kaia


Kuu said...

The shoes. Ack! So preeeetty. If only my feet were narrow enough to fit into converse. And the pants! They look so amazing. I like the..lines. whatever they're called XD so badass.

Argh. Comic-con looks so cool. Need to go to the US someday =w=

Giselle said...

You went to Comic-con? I wish I would've seen you there!
It was so packed.

Eden Angel said...

I love the shoes. Converse always hurt my feet though no matter how much I try to break into them :(

Kaiami said...

Comic Con indeed! It was fun! So many things going on but so crowded that I couldnt see everything.

I can definitely relate to the converse thing :( I have three pairs and they're all different. One pair is extremely comfortable and so I've been wearing them to the point of falling apart. Another pair is hurts my feet to the point that I just donated them. Like how you said, they would hurt no matter what.

Katherine said...

Love this whole look - the sneaks look so comfy :) You are so lucky that you went to CC this year, I went a few years ago :)

Marshall said...

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Biju B. said...

Man, you are gorgeous! Seriously

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