Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a much delayed post.

Prize winners from my anniversary giveaway were chosen today! It should have been done ages ago, buy it'd been delayed for weeks. I cut out slips of paper and wrote names on them and put them in two separate bowls for the two giveaways and drew names from each of them.
Names that were drawn! Winners have been contacted. Congratulations~ I gotta get shipping supplies, and prizes should go out later this month.

Ohph! Forgot, I'm wearing a sweater I got on my most recent thrifting trip. I haven't wrote about that yet. Time will come! Time will come! I need more time in a day, I really do. I hadn't had sleep for three days, and yesterday I had been planning to go to the studios to do some homework, but I was also really sick so I went back to my dorm with the intention of going to sleep after I eat dinner. But being the student I am, I started to do sketching homework for next week, and felt like I couldn't go to sleep until I finished that.

This month is so busy! It's just one event after another, one quiz, one project after another, and then BAM! Midterms. So much fun. I'm dying.

Still sick today, but I think yesterday was the worst of it. I should be on my way to getting better. I....need to go to the studio to do homework. Debating whether I want to go now or in the evening.

Love, Kaia


tracee said...

It's ridiculous! I'm dying too :'( ... Fashion studios are SO NICE. THEY'RE SO PRETTY. You guys are lucky :)

Kaiami said...

Can't blame you for that ;__; There's so much work. Isn't each year only going to be harder? If that's true then I'll have to learn to run on zero hours of sleep.

No kidding! The studios are amazingggguuhh. Especially now, with the glass display cases. It just makes me want to take pictures every time I'm in there

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

hope you feel better! yea school can be crazy hard but eventually we all get used it. But then once we do get used to it everything changes and it gets even harder. SO good luck! And im so happy I won the giveaway. Thanks again :)


li_zakura said...
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li_zakura said...

wait a sec haha, how many "liza" participate?o.o thats me right??o.o

Kaiami said...

Haha yep, that's you! I sent you an email. You can email me at if you didn't get it

li_zakura said...

waa so cool thank you so much TT^TT, am i think i didn't get it hehe, i will sent you one then, and thaks again!! :), i will sent you one right now hehe let me know if you recieve it^^

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