Tuesday, September 27, 2011

if free things are available, snatch up as much as you can.

Last week I went to the Coterie trade show at the Javits Center. In different corners, they had a bunch of things you could grab. An issue of WWD is $3 (which is really expensive; I don't understand), and they had the latest issue lying about. There were issues of Vogue Brazil and Vogue Shopping too. Yeee free things!
The show itself was really nice. There were a lot of vendors. Many to the point that I didn't bother to go see them all.
Generally, I don't think I'm supposed to take pictures but I snuck a few.
The people who buy from trade shows are the businesses. So whenever someone greets us and asked us where we were from and someone from our group answers our school or that we're students, the smile of the exhibitors always disappears, and we get something like an "oh." When we first entered, there was a middle aged lady who passed by and scoffed, students.

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa! There were a lot of brands and designers who were exhibiting there that I recognized. More so than I'd expected, at least.
Stuffed little jeans on the wall. These were cute.

Looking around, there were lots of nice things that I would have liked to take pictures of or gone in to observe. Out of everything I saw at the show, this designer's stuff caught my attention the most.
Demoo Parkchoonmoo. I just. Really like everything. Especially the harem pants.

I didn't sleep a wink last night to finish patternmaking homework and construction techniques homework. I wish I could go to sleep right now, but I have an essay that needs finishing. Two and a half pages more to go.

Love, Kaia


Thrila said...

The last job I worked, I set up the booth for the company at the ENK show. It's really cool watching people set up, and unfortunately (for the company, not me), the other set ups were so much more creative than the one I had to do.

That's also where they host Comic Con, and they have A TON more free stuff there than at Coterie.

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Looks like it was great + FREE STUFF WOOHOO!!!


YES i definitely agree with the post title!!!!
everything looks so cool, those little jeans are so cute :)
i just followed you, i'm so excited to be finding new (to me) awesome blogs

Sarah Et Paris said...

These photo's look so much fun and you can really see whats inside the market industry. I love it!!

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