Wednesday, September 21, 2011

it is almost 5 in the morning and i am not asleep because i am in college.

Studio homework in the studio tonight! I didn't realize until a couple hours ago that I'm completely breaking out in acne from lack of sleep. It's pretty bad.

Taking a break to post and outfit post! I think these pictures are from a day or two. I haven't had the time to post. I went to a field trip today for fashion survey class and want to blog about that too, but I don't have the time to post that yet so that's getting put off until another time slot opens.

It's been pretty swackety weather recently. Not unbearably cold but chilly enough for me to want to wear long sleeves and layers.

So! I broke out my swacket which has been sitting in its lonesome in my suitcase.

shirt from Taiwan, lace crochet tank top from thrift, pants from Taiwan, swacket from Harputs Union, Docs.

Dozing off pretty badly. I think I really need to go to sleep. I have a full schedule tomorrow, so no nap time.

Love, Kaia


Unknown said...

wow I just discovered your blog and really like it. Think you have great style and am following now! Definitely a new fan! You are very inspiring
Pop up by my page when you get a chance xoxo Tamara

Kaiami said...

Thank you, Tamara!

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