Saturday, September 3, 2011

brooklyn flea, maybe you and i were not meant to be.

I went to the Brooklyn flea market today because I really wanted to go last week. I can't even begin to explain how excited I was when I got there. I thought it was pretty big at first, but after a couple circles around, I realized it was only one sixth the size of my local flea market back home.
The sun was out today. And there wasn't any shade to hide under at the flea market. I brought my parasol umbrella along, but the rows weren't too big so I was afraid I'd hit people if I had it out. I went back to my dorm with sun rash. As usual.
The Brooklyn Flea has a lot of stuff I like. I mean, lots of vintage, laces, that kind of stuff. But nothing at prices I am used to! I bought a long petticoat at my home flea market for $5 plus a free poodle skirt, and I saw an extremely similar one at the flea market today for $45. The guy was nice and offered it for $35, but you know. Compared to $5? Nope.
I didn't want to walk back empty handed, especially when I feel like I needed more clothes. I only found out today that I'm really into patterned shirts. I saw a navy button up flecked with green hearts and I really liked that one. And Also a sheer Ralph Lauren shirt with some kind of cute pattern that I don't remember. I wanted that one a lot though. But it was $25.
shirt from flea market, pants from Peace Now, Victorian Flowers Docs.
I ended up leaving with this black and white squares shirt. It was $20 so more than I'd pay for for second hand clothing, but no regrets. I'm happy. I just regret not bringing along my thousand pairs of harem pants to school. I want to wear this shirt with harem pants.

Love, Kaia


Anonymous said...

It's a really cool shirt!


Rachelle said...

Yeah, that's NYC for you. I'll be honest, you'd have better luck stalking yard sales on Craigslist. I had one today and I was selling clothes for $0.25 because I didn't want to drag them back into the house. Nothing super glamorous but still nice.

Sia said...

I'm really into blouses, and your black& white blouse = envy.

f i o n a (miss.tea) said...

i like how the shirt has a square pattern but round buttons :D nice doc martens too! xx misstea & co.

Unknown said...

I agree- I don't even go into vintage shops in NYC. Too expensive and depressing. But it's amazing to know that I can go to my home-home and buy wonderful things for $5.

I think the most shocking mark-up I've still seen in NYC is used overalls for $150. The grandpa farmer kind.

Marlena said...

$25?! O_O Oh gawd, I'd faint if I saw prices like that (for second hand clothing, especially.) If I happen to come across a rad patterned shirt next time I go thrifting I'll grab it for ya! :)

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