Thursday, September 1, 2011

hey, i trimmed my bangs; does that count as a haircut?

Today is just full of accomplishments! I went to the bank and made my first deposit in a different state (out of state deposit slip confused me a bit), finished some sewing homework, and went out to buy hair cutting shears and got my straight bangs! I've been looking for a pair of scissors, and had the biggest smile on my face when I found a pair for $2.50. They're pretty terrible, but they get the job done. Awkward hand sorry. The light was on so I was blocking it.
As much as I missed my straight bangs, I actually quite liked how it looked. It was just getting long and into my eyes all the time, and so I started to do that skater boy hair flip all the time. Probably no one can tell that I cut my hair anyway. That's usually how it goes.

So yesterday, I had my first college classes. First class was pretty underwhelming. Two hours of sitting and listening, yeah. Second class was so overwhelming. No classmate introductions. We start right from the get go. No supplies? NO PROBLEM! Run out to get them right now. Gosh, no joke, that's what happened. We were given 20 minutes of class to run out and gather a list of supplies. It takes five minutes just to run off to the store, at least five minutes to look for supplies, and another five for checkout. If I'm fast and lucky.

We started using the sewing machines on the first day of class. Our teacher went so fast paced with everything, I'm just glad I'm not completely new to sewing.
But man, these machines are fast and furious. These industrial machines. At their slowest, they go as fast as my home sewing machine goes.

Our first assignment was to sew lines, corners, and curves.
In the beginning of class, it felt like everyone had a lot of experience and it was a little intimidating because I felt like the one that would fall behind in class. But after we started practicing sewing, I felt like a lot of people were in the same position as me, and it's kind of reassuring to know that I'm not alone. The corners one came out alrightish, but eep those jagged curves in the swirls...

My other homework for the class is to go off to the garment district to look for swatches because we're making a skirt next class or next next class. I am so terrified of going to the city. I thought I was ready, but in the end I'm still just a meek small suburban girl.

My survey of fashion class today was pretty chill. Our teacher likes to talk and tell stories, which I like. We watched a video today about influential fashion designers (Mcqueen wasn't in it and I was kind of bummed), and Karl was speaking in it. I tried to take notes but honestly I couldn't understand what he was saying.

Here's today's outfit.

shirt from Goodwill, Sam's petticoat from flea market, old beat up Converse from the 8th grade.
I wanted to wear casual plaid, but not really in the mood for pants. Maxi skirts are so much fun to wear. I used to wear mini skirts in middle school and freshman year. I can't stand them now. Feel like I'm turning into an old woman.

I just finished another homework, where we have to look through our closet and write about it. But. I was having a really hard time finding enough items to write down. I think I need more clothes. I was going to buy new shoes and clothes with the money I made, but we're getting neverending supply lists from every class.

Maybe I should scratch out shopping in Manhattan and go thrift shopping.
That sounds more reasonable.

Oh, story. I'm going by Kaia in most of my classes now because there were other Biancas in my class (which happens way too often. You'd think Bianca wouldn't be THAT common of a name).



Anonymous said...

When I started college I was so scared that everyone would be way better than me. I mean, I was convinced that most of them had already been looking over college chemistry before we started! Obviously that wasn't the case... Everybody was the same. I was even better than some people! You might find that you're better at some things too ;)

Lee x

Sophie Frances said...

Oh gosh, I can't believe I am that close to going to college (2 years!) Sewing class sounds pretty freaking sweet! I would love to do something like that. Oh, and I love your skirt, I have one like it except in pink/blue.

Unknown said...

wish you the best <3 you are in the big apple *~*
those machines look terrifying!! I can't wait to see what you make :)

Kathleen said...

What course did you take? Was it a kind of fashion class? :) ~

Kaiami said...

Lee: That's reassuring, thanks! :)
Roma: High school goes by fast! I have to say, I like college a lot better than high school.

Gloria!: Yes!!! Everything is so intimidating. I miss San Fran.

Kathleen: Mmhm. I think this course is called construction techniques. I get them all mixed up because I have 8 classes and some feel kind of similar. I'm a freshman in fashion design.

Kelsey said...

You're classes sound so exciting~~ I'm a business major, so my classes are a little different XD

That's how most college classes are, sadly >> I got a bunch of emails from my professors before the first day reminding the class to read the first few chapters of the book! They don't waste any time~~

Lydia Armstrong said...

I love the mix of boyish/girlie in this outfit.

Anonymous said...

I would like photos of the flea market next time!! :)

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