Tuesday, August 30, 2011

rolling in fluff and florals on a day off.

I don't have classes on tuesdays, and I couldn't be more bored. Usually I like days off, but I've had so many days off already that I wouldn't have minded-or rather, would rather be in class today. All the trips that I was looking forward to over the weekend were cancelled because of hurricane Irene. All the campus buildings minus cafeteria and dorm halls were closed, and school on Monday was cancelled. I was bored out of my mind.
Because of that, I haven't been up to much lately; watched the VMAs as I do every year, drew a bit, and lived off of snacks an instant food. And then watched Adventure Time with some cool kids who also wanted to watch at the lounge yesterday. I really don't have much to do, so I've been tidying up my workspace and my side of the dorm. Currently obsessing over the color pink. I went to the hardware store yesterday to look at pink paint. And I've also been looking for pink decor. Pink! I need more pink! I've saved up enough for those pink Doc Martens I wanted, but I have to go make a deposit at the ATM and I'm too scared to walk off campus to the ATM to make that deposit. I need friends.

Kinda just prancing around my room in my favorite petticoat today. It's really fluffy on the bottom and makes it hard for me to sit down.

dress from H&M, petticoat from flea market, frill top from Tokyo Fashion Co in Taiwan, slippers from Taiwan.
I wrote a list of places that I want to go to, and it's been over a week that I've been here, and I've gone to none of them. It really does feel different when I don't have my parents around to ask them to drive me to places. A while back, I went to Target, and it took three hours to get there, shop, and then get back. Mainly because we got lost a few times on the way to and from, and the lines were insanely long because everyone was preparing for hurricane.

I drew this on one of those hurricane-you-can't-go-out-or-do-anything days. I don't post art on this blog much anymore because I have my tumblr for that now. But I really like this one and it's a photograph so.
Makes me feel like I should paint more so I can get better, but painting is such a headache. Takes forever and results vary.

Tomorrow is my first day of class! I have three classes tomorrow, from 9:30-6:20. Sounds like a long day. Though it looks pretty similar to my Monday schedule. Thursday and Friday have less classes.

Hope I'm prepared...

Love, Kaia


Anonymous said...

Your slippers are amazing!

Best of luck on your first day =]

Lee x

tracee said...

Good luck on your first day tomorrow! I had one class today, phew! Most banks are located on Myrtle, so they're pretty close! :) I can show you, if you'd like!

Marlena said...

This is so cute!! I wish I could pull off the long, flowy layers look like you do.
Oooh, you're getting the pastel Docs? Lucky!! Can't wait to see them in an outfit.

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