Thursday, August 25, 2011

you would think that my lack of a y chromosome would make me more girl.

But unfortunately my hair length still plays a big role on first impressions. I especially wore a dress to my first day of school so at least I wouldn't be thought to be a boy on my first day on campus.
Which reminds me, my hair is growing into my field of vision. Still deciding if I want to go somewhere to get my bangs trimmed or if I want to do it myself. Lack of outfit posts recently, I know. The first few days I've been trying to take outfit posts with my DSLR but it's so loud when it takes pictures. Really awkwardly loud. So I went back to using my point and shoots.

Tee, jeans, and scarf from Taiwan, plaid shirt from Goodwill, shoes from Salvation Army.
These jeans usually feel tighter. I think I lost weight from the last couple days. I got lost and couldn't get back to campus myself so I followed other people and spent the whole day outside. I'm sort of frugal when it comes to food. Though yesterday night I spent ten bucks on pizza at Grimaldi's. The line must have been at least an hour and a half. Maybe two. The pizza was good; it tastes like they use higher quality ingredients, but I'd rather go for grab and go pizza.

These rainboots are pretty frickin uncomfortable. I'm usually a size 7.5, and these are size 6 shoes and they're still a size too big. It's dinnertime now so I'm going to go down now. Though I don't think there's free dinner tonight; just coupons. I miss free lunch and dinners.

Love, Kaia


tracee said...

I was on the healthy choices floor too (still am, actually...). I was about to say that looks like my room, but the outlet by the refrigerator is different. I was in 506. And I LOVE/MISS Stabile already. Stabile is the best :) Since it's the newest.

I actually really like the PI/Pie Shop pizza. And the ice cream there too... I've never been to Grimaldi's. Sadly, I haven't been to a lot of eating places in Brooklyn, other than Zaytoons, Bergen Bagels, Mike's Coffee Shop.. and in Manhattan, it's usually Chinatown, K-Town, or chicken & rice.

クリス said...

Man, I wish I could rock short hair. I look so...strange with short hair no matter how it's cut u__u I envy you for being able to look so good in short and longer hair!

Whoa! I have that Swimmer clock too XD

Aidan E said...

this is really cool :D

キャセデイ姫 said...

I love your hair <3 Makes me want short hair once again!

Kelly-Ann said...

I love the t-shirt and the tassels. You look amazing :) You shouldn't feel that you're restricted in your clothing choices because of your hair.

holly [at] covetous creatures said...

Androgyny is always fashionable. I think the short hair looks great!

Kaiami said...

Tracee: Are you talking about the box thing with four outlets? We have that too except the screw was falling out so I took it off. 506...I might know who lives there? I have to check. I'm in 518.

Kris: Thanks! I wanted to try even shorter than what I had before, but anything too crop makes me feel kind of uncomfortable. Clock twins!~

Thank you, Aidan, Kassidy, Kelly-Ann!

Holly, you have the best hair in the world. I'm so jealous. I'm still looking for a salon within my budget that can dye my hair silver.

Julie said...

It's really cool and smart that you look like a boy. Otherwise, so many dudes sexually harrass you on the street. Even on days when I look like ass and have no makeup on-

I live in NYC if you need a grown-up-lady friend- as I am 31. But I also work in the garment center so I'm near. :)

Kuu said...

I like that you're wearing a pink baller with a monochrome outfit :D really pops. And did you use it as, maybe, an indicator of your double-x chromosome? XD

Ditto on the comment about the guys harassing you =.= but it's probably as annoying to get mistaken for the other sex. I won't really mind if that happens though XD

Clairedontcare said...

wow your hair looks really good. You can really rock it you are so lucjy you look so good with short hair. I really like this outfit its really chill and i love those rainboots.

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