Monday, August 8, 2011

hell yeah we can rock this world.

Wearing a music tee and my Black Milks today for their contest. Winners get jellyfish leggings. JELLYFISH. LEGGINGS. So I had to enter.

Shakira tee from Goodwill, jacket from Taiwan, gifted scarf, Black Milk leggings, Doc Martens

Sex Pot Sid Vicious chain necklace
DIY deconstruction. Some thread pulling.
Bunny bag!
Assorted bracelets

I'm not good at contests, but for the sake of those jellyfish leggings, I really hope I can win a pair.

Love, Kai


Marlena said...

You styled the leggings quite differently than how people usually wear them. I love it! <3 Good luck with the contest!! ^.^

Kassidy said...

THOSE LEGGINGS *o* I MUST ACQUIRE A PAIR OF MY OWN! *totes loving the cosmic style*

You'll so win!

Iris said...

I really like your outfit and I hope, that u win! (I LOVE your leggings<3!)

- said...

This outfit is so badass *-* awesome girl! =)

holly [at] covetous creatures said...

I have been lusting after those leggings, love the shredded tee and skull scarf, and OMG bunny bag?!?! Pretty much perfect.

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