Wednesday, August 17, 2011

shoe craving.

Yesterday I was planning on going to sleep early, but a shoe caught my eye and I ended up spending hours and hours looking at shoes. I came across Asami's blog, and couldn't stop looking at all of her shoes. Originally, I was going to spend my graduation money on a pair of shoes for college, but ended up pooling it in for a digital SLR camera. So if I get new shoes now, it would be a splurge.

Here's my compiled August wishlist. I'm using pictures instead of my usual drawings because I've been drawing and posting a lot on my main tumblr recently.
I want pastel shoes!! I find that I'm sort of a matchy matchy kind of person and so I tend to buy shoes in black, white, or brown so that I'd be able to wear them with anything. So I never have a chance to buy cool colored shoes. Pink and mint are my two favorite colors.

Lately while doing college packing, I found out that I don't really have that many pairs of comfortable shoes that fit. Besides my Doc Martens, nearly all my shoes are too big or too small. Most of them have been around since middle school. So I'm searching around for nice sneakers for everyday wear.
I want to get all-around (including the sole) pastel pink Nike dunks, but it's kind of a reach if they're not making them. I shopped this pair so that I could kind of get a feel for it.

I need to stop looking at shoes until I have the money for them. Either that or Forever21 needs to stock some new ones that I like.

Love, Kai


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all of these shoes are so amazing - I WANT! <3

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