Saturday, August 6, 2011

two days of shopping.

I visited San Fran yesterday with my friend, and the flea market today. In San Francisco, I went to visit Black Peace Now for their 50-60% off sale. Like always, there was a bunch of stuff from the shop that I would have liked, but even with a sale, it's still a splurge. So I didn't end up getting anything there. I did splurge on another pair of shorts, though.

I went into Aritzia, and found so many nice things in the sale section. Most of it wasn't my size, though. And the top that I wanted was on sale and fit like a dream, but it still cost a hundred.
But the pants. I bought the pants. After being in Taiwan so long, I'm used to cheap fabrics and messy construction. When I go back to these stores, I can't stop touching the fabric. It's 100% silk, and originally $380, but I bought them 87% off.

At the mall, I also bought that Deborah Lippmann polish that I've been after for ages. The nude one is Deborah Lippmann in "Naked." I wanted to compare it with my other nude polishes, so I kept a sample on one finger. I have a lot of nude colors, and I think this one is probably the best one that I've tried so far.

Afterwards we headed to Goodwill. My first thrift purchase in ages. It's been a while since anything's caught my eye. I got this polka dot top
...and yet another oversized sweater. I forgot how much I love these things. If I had to choose one thing to wear for the rest of my life, it'd probably be an oversized sweater.

And now today at the flea market. My goal was to get socks, because my socks have all been getting worn out and wont stay on my feet when I walk. I did find those socks, and some other stuff.
I bought really pretty hangers! They were only four for a dollar, and I kind of wish I bought more, but I didn't think I'd have space in my closet for too many more.

Then I got this bracelet for a dollar. I figured it'd go with a lot the things I have.
And then nail polish. OPI in San Tan-tonio. I haven't tried it out yet, but it's a color that I'd wear, and not a bad deal either, at $0.75.

The last thing is this crinoline skirt. It comes with the crinoline and a poodle skirt, which is the pink in the picture behind the white. I really just wanted the crinoline, but it came in a set. I bought them both for $5.

I think that's enough shopping for me for a while. I'll just have fun putting together outfits.

Love, Kai


- said...

wonderful things! *-* but you sure spent a lot O.O hehe

Kaiami said...

Thanks! I'm actually not much of a spender. I always say I'm a bad shopper because I often go to stores specifically to buy something, and come back empty handed. Anything above $3 at a thrift store, I have to think long and hard about.

りあ★ said...

wass so many things *-* I love the goodwill find *o* the bracelet is soo awesome ><

when will you come back to sf D:

Kaiami said...

I love SF omghhh ;-; I wish I could live there sometimes. I'm moving soon so I don't think I can go back until school's out in December.

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