Sunday, July 31, 2011

i'm wearing pants.

For once! I've been looking for acid wash jeans for ages in America and could never find a pair. Maybe I just suck at looking for pants when I need them.
But when I was in Taiwan, acid wash jeans were everywhere. I found a nearly perfect pair at Shilin Night Market, but the store had a no-try-on policy, and I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything that I wasn't sure if I would fit in. Jeans are one of those things that I can't buy if I can't try on.
These jeans that I bought aren't exactly what I want, but I was able to try them on and they fit relatively well, so I bought them. Asian clothing is so small. It's a good thing that loose clothing is in style, or I'd have a harder time than I already to with buying things. The pants that I got came in four sizes; small, medium, large, and x-large. I could only fit in an x-large, despite being a small/medium in US sizing.
In Taiwan, a lot of clothing shops get their stuff from the same supplier, so if you dig around, you'll see the same clothes at different shops for different prices. I first saw this eyeball shirt at Ximending in Taipei, $17, which was above my budget. I later saw it at a different store for $13 and bought it there. It's a cool shirt, but my watch (and everything else) gets caught in the a lot.
I got this scarf from my best friend yesterday! It's a McQueen lookalike.

Scarf: gift, eye shirt from Gongguan Taipei, pants from Taipei underground mall, shoes from Salvation Army

I think I'm eating too many carrots. No wonder my skin turns orange.


Joey said...

Love the McQueen-inspired scarve and your shoes! I know exactly what you mean! Asian sizes are so small. It never occured to me until I put on some pounds the last few years and now I dread trying on clothes when I go back to Asia.
I like your style. You've got some cute outfits (love your skirt in the post below).
Following you now

Julie Doll said...

sucha cute look! man, i wouldnt fit anything at all in taiwan .__.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered acid washing your own jeans? It's not exactly hard to do.

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