Thursday, July 28, 2011

why i wear a lot of black.

A new outfit post, finally. I didn't take any in Taiwan because the lighting indoors wasn't good enough, so I'd have to go outside to take pictures, and by the time I get outside, I'd already be sweating buckets. And I didn't have very many outfits. because I only took two t-shirts and a couple of pairs of pants with me.

Sleeveless shirt, skirt, and tights from Taiwan
It looks like I went back to buying black clothes. It's no use; if I see something I like that comes in different colors, I'd always go with black. And then grey. And then maybe cream or white.

I thought about why I tend to steer towards neutral colors so much, and I think one of the reasons is so that I'd wear it more often. When I was younger, my dad was a little more strict when it came to buying clothes. I'd have to buy pieces that I would be willing to wear frequently, and it had to be big enough to last a few years at the very least. Neutral colors seem to go with everything, and I've gotten used to having to wear big sizes.

Here's the clothes that I bought in Taiwan. I think I'm missing one or two things here.

Six tops, a scarf, a dress, three pairs of drop crotch pants, denim shorts, and a pair of jeans.

Back to unpacking.


Iris said...

Really cute outfit and lovely clothes:))!

Aidan E said...

the whole outfit im proud of you and i just found your blog haha

Prastika Herlianti said...

love the whole looks, you looks so edgy :) and those big eye print top is adorably cute!

りあ★ said...

i was in china and i saw a girl with the same top *o* anyways, i am SOOO gonna kidnap you and stuff you in my pocket so we can go shopping :P I love all your stuff! <3

Kaiami said...

/shrinks down to pocket size. Shopping together yeah yeah!

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