Sunday, August 7, 2011

jellyfish in mind.

I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today. Both my brother and I have been wanting to go, so my dad took us today. More than anything, I just want to see the jellyfish.
I wore floaty, lacy, translucent layers today with the jellyfish in mind. Didn't think too hard about the weather, though. It rained a bit today in Monterey, actually. And the wind was blowing pretty hard.

sleeveless top and frill shirt from Taiwan, scarf from H&M, Vena Cava pants fron Aritzia, oxfords (not pictured) from Nordstrom.

I took a lot of pictures of the jellyfish, but the camera I had wasn't that great so these were the best shots I could get.
There were lots of different types, but these two were my favorite. It seems that they've been changing the jellyfish in the past few years, because I remember the last time I went to the aquarium, there were different jellyfish.

Love, Kai


Care said...

This first picture of you is beautiful, Kaiami!

Kaiami said...

Thanks, Care!

Anonymous said...

hello, i happened to come across your blog and see you're from taiwan.i will be heading to taiwan next month.any ideal places to go shopping for teenagers in taipei other than ximending? :)
also, are there any brands such as minkpink, one teaspoon, h&m, monki,urban outfitters in taiwan?
thanks in advance!

Kaiami said...

Hey there Anon! I'd actually been meaning to make a post about Taiwan shopping, but I never got around to it because I didn't take enough pictures.

Unfortunately we don't have any of those brands. There are a number of western stores, but western imports are super expensive. Department stores carry a lot of imported brands. A lot of them are Japanese.

Auuughh actually if I typed up everything, it's going to be too long, so I'm just going to make a post about it and borrow and credit pictures from the web. It might take about a day or two, so please stick around for it!

Iris said...

Really pretty outfit, I like<3!

Anonymous said...

thanks it will really help me out a lot <3

Danii said...

such a sweet outfit :) Great blog!

Anonymous said...

When I read this post the first thing that came to my mind was "Kuragehime", I personally don't like jellyfishes because I have been stung by one but they are beautiful to look at when seen in museums gracefully dancing in the deep blue waters. Even your dress does kinda seem similar to that of a jellyfish.

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