Sunday, September 25, 2011

some happy purchases.

I was wearing this outfit on Friday morning. In the afternoon, it was pouring so hard that even with an umbrella I was completely soaked (as well as everything in my backpack!!!). So I changed into something else by my afternoon class.

Swacket from Harputs Union, blouse from Taiwan, pants from Zara, Docs.

Mostly, I just wanted to wear these pants. You guys probably know by now that I generally don't like pants. But when I visited Zara, I found so many pairs of pants that I liked. A little on the pricy side for me, but it's rare for me to find a pair that fits well, is comfortable, and that I like.
The sizing for their pants are all different. I grabbed two different styles in my size and one of them was too tight, and this pair was way too loose so I had to size up in one and size down in this style. On the website, I think this one is called the "waxed trousers" or something like that.

Aside from the pants, I also bought a pair of Jeffries. They're not at all winter friendly, and winter is coming up. But that's probably why they were on sale for 50% off.
These remind me of Urban Outfitters and springtime. I need to get a pair of high rainboots and a pair of sneakers too.

And maybe a few more tops and sweaters while I'm at it. My closet is lacking in the everything department.

This one is kind of a splurge too, but I've been meaning to buy it for months already, and the price hasn't been going down.
I take instants so I can include pictures when I write letters back to my friends and family. I have the big bulky one too that takes nice sized photos, but because of its size, it is difficult to carry around.

I didn't buy this one; rather, my dad sent it to me. I'm putting it to good use.
Useful for when I have to stay in the workroom overnight to finish my work. Maybe I'll buy myself a pink one too.

Regarding the giveaway, thank you everyone who entered! The winners will be chosen and contacted later this week.

Love, Kaia


Unknown said...

I'm crazy about those floral Docs, and that shirt you're wearing is lovely too!

li_zakura said...

i love your shoes hehe


perfect outfit~~
you have an instax too omg and you got a snuggie
now i love your blog even more

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