Friday, September 9, 2011

and all of a sudden it's been a year already.

My first blog anniversary was three days ago. I took these pictures and I've been trying to do this giveaway for a while, but it's been a bit busy. For instance, yesterday was Fashion's Night Out, which I'll write about eventually. But most of the time I'm just up really late doing homework.

I remember how exciting it was when I first made my blog. I posted a lot more often in those beginning days; there was even a time I googled "is it okay to make more than one blog posts a day." I never got an answer for that but I figured it was alright.

Anyway!! To celebrate, I have a couple giveaways. Up for grabs is a black nylon bunny bag and some Majolica Majorca mascara. I don't remember what it was called. Like lash expander or something like that. The most popular one they have.
The bunny bag has a zipper on the back that opens up with a bag on the inside. I took mine with me to FNO, which I'll probably post pictures of on my next entry.
And then Majolica Majorca mascara! I bought a tube of a different kind for myself, and THIS STUFF STAYS ON. And I mean. I really, really, couldn't get it off for three days. I didn't have makeup remover with me, though. There are a lot of great reviews for this mascara. Plus the packaging is real pretty. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging.

And now to the important part. I'll put it in bold to make it more noticeable.

1. No anonymous this time around! When entering, leave a comment and make sure you have your name in where your name should be.
2. Include your contact info! Leave your email, and your blog if you have one.
3. Write down which item you'd like to be in the drawing for.
4. You can enter for ONE if you are a visitor to my blog, or TWO entries if you are a public follower via Google Friend Connect (can be new followers). If you enter for two, you can either use your two entries to enter for both items or you can choose to enter for one item twice.

Giveaway starts today, September 10th, and will end on September 24th.

Good luck!


T said...

I'm not sure if I'm doing this right! Let me know if I'm not ;0;

Name: Theresa

I'd like to be drawing in for the bunny bag!

twitch said...

GASP that bunny bag <3
email: instantko @ gmail

Laarnie said...

Name: Laarnie
Blog (tumblr):

I am Rika on Google Connect

I would like to be entered into both drawings please!

kidthekid said...

Name: Claire

The bunny bag :D

Grace said...

Name : Grace ! :)
Email : !
Blog : :)

I'd like to draw for the bunny bag! x

Thrila said...

Name: Rachelle

I'd like to enter twice for the mascara please :)

friskie said...

Teehee! 9/10 is my b-day :)

1. Joyce
3. BUNNEH (twice!)

so excited!

tifflia said...

Not going to enter b/c I already bought that mascara for myself in Taiwan :) It's actually really good *U* Yeahhhh! The limited pack with eyeliner. That's all~ back to studying.

I saw anne a couple days ago :D

Yan said...

Name: Yan
Drawing for: The bunny bag :3

I'm a follower, not sure how this works but here's a link:
Thanks for having this giveaway! ^^

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

Im going to enter two times so heres the first one :)

Name: Paolina
draw: bunny please :)

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

Second entry :)

Name: Paolina
draw: another bunny entry

Marlena said...

WOO! Happy one year blogiversary, Kaia! I'd love to enter yer giveaway~

Name: Marlena
Email: selfconstructedfreak (at)

And I'm following you through Friend Connect (of course!) as Jem Hologram (I should really change that..)

Enter me into both drawings please! ^.^

Anonymous said...

Happy one year! I remember being the same at the beginning! I wanted to post like 5 times a day! =]

I'm following on Google friend connect =]

Name: Lee

Bunny bag twice please! It's pretty epic! =]

Erika said...


I'm also for the bunny bag, twice ;)

Angela said...

Name: Angela

Entry: I want the Bunny Bag Pweeaze! :D

Angela said...

Name: Angela

Entry:Bunny Bag Pweeaze! Again!:D lol

Iris said...

How lovely giveaway<3!

Name: Iris
Entry: I'd like to enter for the mascara, please:>!

Have a sweet day<3!

Kun said...

congrats on the blog anniversary! :) not going to enter, just wanna say how inspiring your outfit posts are for me. Made me want to dress myself up more often :D good luck on the give away~!


Etix said...

Name: Madelaine

The bunny bag! :D
Also, happy blog anniversary!~

Rosemarie said...

Name: Rosemarie
Entry: The Radical Metallic Black Rabbit Bag.
Post: Happy Blog Anniversary Kaiami! (\* U */)

Julia said...

congratulations with your blogging anniversary!
keep it up!

Jalyn said...

Name: Jalyn

Entry: Bunny bag! :)

Leann said...

Name: Leann

I'd love to enter for the mascara! Also, happy blog anniversary! I've been visiting this blog ever since you started, haha :)

Jackie said...

Name: Jackie

I'd love to enter twice for the bunny bag d(*⌒▽⌒*)b

Julia B said...

Name: Julia!
enter for the mascara!

Ina said...

Name: Ina

Entering for the bunny bag!

I feel like a douche commenting for the first time on a giveaway post huhu u___u

Giselle said...

Name: Giselle

I'm entering for the bunny bag. :3

And happy blog anniversary! I don't read a lot of fashion blogs, but you're my favorite. X3

Cindy said...

Name: Cindy

Entering for bunny bag :3!

kate cait sith said...

i'll enter for the bunny bag. i've been a silent follower almost since the day you started, if i can remember correctly.
name: kate cait sith

Hiruda said...

keke how fun!

1. Linda
2. Email -
3. Bunny Bag plz!

Manateegirl said...

Name: Jessica
Bunny bag want! And your blog is adorable ^_^

prancing bee said...

name: prancing-bee
contact: jpsotpuff @
I'm a follower!
I would like to enter twice for the mascara!

thanks for having this giveaway!

holly [at] covetous creatures said...

Happy blogiversary!

li_zakura said...

name: Liza
I'm a follower from google connect hehe
I would like to enter for both drawings please ^^
apparently this let me comment now hehe
thanks for this giveaway! and happy anniversary!! keep up with the awesome work :)

Dang said...

Name: Dang
I love dropping by your blog every week to catch up.
I would love mascara!


Thrila said...

Sooo late but I didn't realize I didn't mention I was following you on Google Friend Connect TT^TT

Can't find the link but as of right now I'm on the 3rd to last page, 2nd row, 3rd person. T3T

FourandARobot said...

Name: Jennifer
I'm a Google Friend Follower. I'll enter one for each give-a-way. Thanks!

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