Thursday, December 22, 2011

i gained weight in college.

Guh I've been steering away from weighing myself for a while, but I did when I got home yesterday. I gained maybe 6 or so pounds which makes me...heavier than I've ever been in my life.
dress and shirt from taiwan, skirt from charlotte russe, jacket from h & m, pants from japan, doc martens
But you know, it happens. I guess I cant be too surprised considering I have pizza every day. Maybe I'll work it off during break.

Just trying to get up all the posts that I took pictures for and haven't posted.

Love, Kaia


Sad China said...

I love your blog. Your drawings and designs are amazing (: You have a lot of talent.

Can't wait to read your next post,
mimi x


Simone said...

i like your shoes :)

fashion-ache girls said...

such a lovely update <3

let' s visit our blog

xoxo k&m

Kuu said...

It must be pretty cold there o.o you have so many layers! and the extra 6 pounds aren't really that noticeable : ) I think I actually lost weight when I was freshman at college; it was a really large campus :)) and I didn't get to eat yummy pizza everyday either, haha!

oona said...

Wow, your style is like a princess mixed with that awesome homeless guy who lives near me.


One Pleat Suits said...

You look more beautiful in the dress. More photos please!

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