Friday, December 2, 2011

stripe this way.

This was supposed to be last month's post. I'm very behind on posting.
I made these pants last month. They came out better than expected, but some parts didn't line up correctly and that reflected in my grade. I didn't score very well at all harharhar.

I knew I wasn't going to fit in the pants because the pattern fits more like a size 0-2, so I didn't bother getting nice fabric. My fabric was $1.50 for 2 yards from the discount pile, because there was a big waterstain on it. It washed out a little bit so it's not as bad.

Back to my essay maybe.

Love, Kaia


Kassidy said...

I want some striped pants~

Marlena said...

stripes are a pain to match up! oh well, I still think the pants are rad and you look awesome in them. ^.^

Iris said...

I love your pants and them looks great with your lovely shoes♥! Good work!

spectralumbrella said...

Looks pretty awesome! When will you do more of your litl art posts? I loved seeing your previous drawings and illustrations.

Kaiami said...

Marlena: They are indeed! Thank you! :)
Spectralumbrella: No one's ever told me that before! I moved all of my art posts to my main tumblr. I wouldn't mind cross-posting, but I thought maybe there'd be less interest on this blog so I refrained from posting art posts here for the past while. I could definitely bring them back though

Marlena said...

Hey Kaia,
I just wanted to thank you for the super cute scarf you had sent to me! I absolutely adore it! ^__^ I was so surprised when it arrived the other day (it's not very often I get a package in the mail that's a complete mystery to me, haha.) Thanks a million for thinking of me!! <3

p.s. I feel like I should have sent this via email, but I lost yours and I see that you don't have one posted on here, so I hope this is alright! :x
oh, and I was also wondering if have a current address that I could send something to one of these days? If yes then just send it to my blog email. I wanna send you something too! ^.^

Our Youth said...

Love the trousers :) Good luck with your essays xx

Puck Litaay said...

This pair of trousers looks very great to me! Would love to own a pair myself, gorgeous!

- Puck |

Siennasai said...

I LOVE that outfit! The striped pants versus a stripey zebra, hehe. <3

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