Thursday, November 24, 2011

hey well sup there.

Happy Thanksgiving! I have nothing to do this break except for fun things like chores (running out for errands, cleaning my room, doing laundry), and homework. You know the stuff.

black lace tank from thrift shop, H&M dress, Sam's Petticoat long petticoat from flea market
This was my outfit two days ago when I went to meet Mother Monster. The waiting was pretty miserable. We had to pre order the book to get in, and I waited in line for that for about ten hours. It wasn't so bad that time, really, because the weather was considerably good and I brought some homework to do along the way to kill time.

But when she released her book, it was raining outside and we all had clashing umbrellas so water was falling off everyone's umbrellas and I got pretty wet anyway, which made it feel so much colder outside. Gaga was an hour late to the event, which isn't really all that bad. It;s more the waiting and anticipation when everyone was starting to be let in. Everyone got there really early. Pat, who I met last week, was at the very front of the line, and had been waiting since 6am. We weren't let in until at least 7pm. That's dedication.

Gaga bought us Crumbs cupcakes to eat while we waited. They were huge and I could only eat half. I wanted to try and finish, but then it dropped on the rainy ground. 5 second rule doesn't apply in rainy weather.
I had made stickers for her, but security took them so that I couldn't give it to her directly. Most other monsters were aware that security is tight, so they knew to hide things they wanted to get to her. You live and you learn.

Mother Monster is a beautiful woman.



li_zakura said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!^^ you look so pretty in the photos!! hehe

Anaïs said...

Love your outfits you're So pretty <3

Jessica said...

Your so cute!! Aww love the hood!

Michele said...

Great story! I love the way you looked I bet Gaga was impressed;)

Daniel said...

OMG you're so LUCKY ! I love Lady Gaga !

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