Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy halloweentimes, you guys.

I hadn't been planning to dress up for Halloween, but then I ordered a kigurumi and planned on wearing it if it got sent in on time. In the morning, I wore my Rilakkuma kigurumi to class.
There weren't that many people who dressed up to class today, actually. It seems that most people save it for the parties. Danielle on the left is over a foot taller than me.
This is the kigurumi that I bought from Comic Con. I had a few people ask me where it was from today, and a few people who asked me what animal it is, and a lot of d'awwww.
uguu blurry photo. I don't know how to focus on my digital SLR. It just doesn't cooperate with me.

At noon when I checked my mail, there was nothing there waiting for me. When I went back at 4 in the afternoon, I got a slip to claim a package. What good timing.
It was my Gachapin kigu. This thing sheds like crazy. It's very soft and warm, though. I'd always wanted to get a dslr so that I could get legit jumping shots. But somehow I'd never gotten to taking any. The studio was empty when I was working today so I took the opportunity to take some pictures. This one was the only decent jumping shot.

I've been up for a while doing homework. Starting to finally get sleepy. I noticed that the sun rises a lot later now. It's already 6:37 and it's still completely dark outside. Sunrise used to be at 6:15 not that long ago.
The big things I was working on were the felting project, sewing pants, and my essay. Yaaay pants. Sewing isn't something I'm that good at. Some places aren't lining up nicely.

And sleepiness hits!
I spent my Halloween doing homework.

Love, Kaia


Anonymous said...

lol gacha jumping shot is pure awesomeness. :B


Iris said...

Hihii, your kigu is super cute<3!

kate cait sith said...

u are the cutest!
cool to find another blogger who sews! i spent my halloween sewing. i've been getting into the groove of it again. a lot of vintage 60s dress patterns. im not a fashion design major but it's been a hobby for over ten years.
i should start posting some stuff. >.< not too into the blogging process these days. i sewed some striped pants like those long time ago on my old blog that i deleted. they're kind of similar to limi feu s/s 2010. here are some pics for the hell of it, thought i might as well share:
pardon the long comment. o.O talkative today.

li_zakura said...

hahahah i love your costumes XD


SO CUTE!! i love kigurumis they're so comfy, I have a skeleton one! :D they're a really versatile costume too.

Ann said...

Wow, those are both so cute! It really makes me want one, but I know I'd never wear it for actual pajamas, which kind of defeats the purpose I suppose. Heh.

Bella-Marie said...

Uwaah! A Rilakkuma kigurumi! I want one! Though It'd be cool to have one with feet so I'm just bear head to toe :D Also I love the clock on your wall in the second photo (weird thing to notice I know hah) xxx

Kaiami said...

Kate: Ooh that whole outfit looks fantastic! I am terrible at sewing; just dont have a knack for it. I've been sewing since I was in 6th grade and it hasn't gotten any better. Seeing nice things that other people sew just blows me away

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