Sunday, November 13, 2011

cozy in silk chiffon shorts.

This was a post from last month that I never got around to posting. I'd been planning on working on homework all day today, but due to lack of motivation, I'm spending the day in my room, editing photos instead.
I bought those Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I wanted so much a one of the many David Z stores on Broadway. There is one person who does most of the running around for try-ons, who is a total jerk. He gets noticeably annoyed when you ask for a different size, and keeps asking "are you going to buy them?" Once it becomes apparent that you don't want something, he makes a face and starts ignoring you. Terrible customer service is one thing I can't stand. Fire the bad employees!
I wore this outfit exactly the day before it started snowing in the city. I had checked up the weather that morning and saw that it would rain the next day (snow wasn't in the forecast yet). I wanted to wear them before it started raining or snowing.
The temperature was pretty low that day, but somehow I didn't feel that it was very cold at all. I've been wearing this hat all the time since I got it. I remember learning in elementary school that a lot of heat is lost through the head, but I never got in the habit of wearing hats. I like this hat a lot because it keeps my head and neck and ears warm. Hats really do help keep warm.
shirt from H&M, cardigan from flea market, hat from Sweety Shop Brooklyn, Vena Cava silk culottes from Aritzia, Jeffrey Campbell 99 Ties.
A picture of just my black suede 99 Ties. I'm kind of glad I got them in stores as opposed to online. I tried on several different pair of different sizes and the same sizes, and was deciding between the 7.5 and 8. One of the pairs of 7.5 that I tried was less comfortable than the one I bought. One of the 8s that I tried was tighter than the 7.5s. One pair that the shop guy brought out for me had a big ugly mark in the front of it.

Maybe I'll take a nap, and rest for once. Then go off to do homework. Rest vs homework is always the dilemma. Another week and a half before Thanksgiving! I can just imagine all the homework that needs to be done during that time...

I've noticed a trend recently. It's kind of funny how new followers find me when I haven't posted in a while, and as soon as I make new posts I lose followers. Anyway, a friendly hello for those of you who are new to my blog!

Love, Kaia


contrary kiwi said...

Hello! I'm a newbie to your blog :)

I love those shoes! I have been kind of indifferent to that sort of shoe until now, but you make them look so good. I think they look great next to your bare skin. Are they very comfy to wear? They look like they're a platform wedge (obviously they're a wedge lol).

Quick! Do homework! :P

Kaiami said...

Hello and welcome!
They're the tallest pair of shoes I own. It's kind of confusing; they were killing my feet last time I wore them, but I was wearing them earlier today and felt like I could run around campus with them on if I wanted to.

li_zakura said...

those employees just make you want running out the store .-., but those shoes worth it haha, the hat is pretty too ^^...good luck with your homework! :)

Iris said...

Cute:3! I love your shoes<3!

Naliadna said...

Those Jeffrey's are lovely, I wish I could find them here, because shopping online for shoes is a nightmare! I don't usually comment on your blog, but I really love to read it =)

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