Sunday, June 10, 2012

i like pink a whole lot.

Just a quick hair update. The food coloring dye only lasted for a wash. After that I dyed my hair ash grey again, but it didn't last very long because I had packets of kool-aid lying around and I threw a packet of black cherry on my bangs. Big mistake. It turned kind of pink but mostly really gold. Afte another wash it was just gold. It looked kind of gross. I bought a box of Fresh Light Champagne Pink hoping that it'd kind of work.
My deal with Japanese dyes is that it never stays on my hair for longer than a week. I like their dye-in-a-box colors a whole lot but they're so temporary.
End result is a nice pinkish blond, which I really liked. But in some parts it looks a lot yellower, as if there's a temporary pink covering the yellow gold underneath. I washed my hair for the first time today after dying it and I can already see it fading a little. Disappointing! I don't know what I can do to make the color more permanent. Redying my hair once every few months I can understand but once a week to keep a color is too much of a stretch! I want pink hair forever. Love, Kaia


Raye said...

This colour really suits you so well!
I've never dyed my hair before so I have no idea how you can maintain the colour>< I hope you find a way☆

holly [at] covetous creatures said...

I love the color on you (and not just because of my current pink hair obsession). You should try the Davines Alchemic Red Conditioner I just used to color my hair. I think if you let the color set once, you could probably maintain it from there by just using the conditioner in place of your regular one.

Kaiami said...

Holly, you're brilliant. I'll be sure to get myself a tub once I'm back in the states. Also, your hair is the prettiest shade of pink!

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

i love the colour! is suits you so well! :)

alice-jane said...

I like your hair color! Though it seems more of a pinkish brown or is it just my moniter?

Amber said...

The ending color is really cute!

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