Wednesday, May 30, 2012

color fancy.

Today my brother was bored so we were driving around and decided to go to Safeway. I was roaming around and then thought "I wonder if I can dye hair with food coloring," so I bought a pack of neon colors.
I tried Kool aid dye before, but I had dark brown hair at the time so it didn't work out. I figured it'd show at least a little bit with blond hair. There are a lot of cool colors I'd like to try, but pink would be the one I'd want to try the most. I wasn't sure how to go about doing this, but I figured it'd be difficult to apply it with water, so I mixed it in with conditioner for easy application.
I started off with dry hair.
After mixing the color together applying, the color shows up pretty bold. I let it set in for 30 minutes to an hour. I would have liked to leave it in longer to see if it would set in better if I gave it a few hours, but I didn't have that much time today.
Result after washing the mix out and blowdrying. I rather like how it looks, though it's very subtle in most light and doesn't always look pink. In some pictures, it doesn't look any different.
It looks pretty pink in the last picture. One of these days I'll actually dye my hair pink, but for now homemade alternatives are quick and fun. Love, Kaia


finntje said...

woahhhh your hair looks so awesome in the last picture! I want to try this! Do you have any idea how long it will last?

!♥ MIMI said...

the colour shows up pretty well!

i just recently dyed my hair w/ manic panic semi-permanent vampire red cuz i was so bored w/ my hair lol. i haven't bleached it or anything so it's just a tint. but some of my tips were bleached so a few tips of my hair is bright red. i feel as tho my hair has reverted back to how it looked last summer T_T

i actually wanna bleach my whole head... but im a bit too scared lol.


Kaiami said...

@Finntje: I'm really not sure but I can't imagine it lasting more than a couple washes! I'll probably have a little more idea in a few days! :)

@Mimi: Yeah I was really scared about bleaching my whole head too! I'm pretty glad I went through with it though because it's hard to experiment with hair color if I always have it dark brown.

Fashion babel said...

I'm thinking about dying my hair with Kool-Aid, but not sure.I died my hair like a month ago with a permanent color, it's kind of purple/redish or whatever.
This color suits you so cute!And you are sute!

Hello Naka said...

i love the shade of pink :3 i've always though u had to have super thin and bleached hait to dye your hair with food dye!

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