Tuesday, May 1, 2012

fluffy and puffy

Sewed a skirt for my patternmaking final. I would have liked to add more ruffles and details, but I should have started on it earlier. It'd due Thursday. My patternmaking final is to make one skirt and one dress, both with pockets. The dress has more requirements. I'm currently working on it. I bought this fabric at a discount store. It was only $2 per yard, and they were really, really long yards. Upholstry fabric, I think. Really good deal. I bought five yards, which is like 10 regular yards.
A little worried for this crit. Gee, I hope it goes alright. Got to get back and work on that dress. Love, Kaia


Madeline Hatter said...

The skirt looks really pretty, and I meant to comment on your hair earlier too, it's a really good color for you!

Angel said...

Cute! I like your new hair too!

Randi Lang said...

Your skirt is cute! Love the pockets :) And you're adorable too! Cute hair! >_<

Iris said...

Super pretty, colors looks so cute on you:>♥!

Anonymous said...

I love the skirt - it's totally dreamy. Great blog.

x Peter @

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