Friday, May 4, 2012

Last week's outfit for the fashion show.
I wore black because my roomie wanted to wear black and for us to match. It was raining in the city last Thursday and I feel really unmotivated to dress up on rainy days. The spike earrings I am wearing was made following Holly's tutorial on them. They're super easy and look really cool! Fashion show photos have still not been edited (there's so many!). Busy weekend. I have a bunch of things to do while I'm still in New York. My last day of class is on Monday, and still an essay, a crit, and a test left. And currently packing. There's no room to walk. No room to put everything. Slowly deteriorating! Love, Kaia


m i s s . t e a said...

Ooh I like your scarf, and your spike earrings are pretty rad too

Anonymous said...

I loved your style for the parade

holly [at] covetous creatures said...

I love that you made the earrings. Also, the silver-streaked hair looks great!

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