Monday, August 6, 2012

and now back to hair

I dyed my hair last week with powder drinks since my hair faded to that really gold shade of blond that I don't like again, and I had a little more time on my hands. You might remember me trying out Kool Aid as dye earlier this year. I didn't leave it on for very long, thus the color was barely visible in most lighting.

I slept on it this time around, making it that much more visible. This is after the first wash. It's been two washes now and the color faded less than my Fresh Light Champagne Pink (faded completely within three washes!) which is pretty sad considering hair dyes are made for dying hair and food coloring and drinks are just a temporary alternative.

I wanted to use Kool Aid Pink Lemonade this time around, so I went to Safeway to buy it but that flavor wasn't available, so I bought Crystal Light Pink Lemonade instead. BAD IDEA and I'll tell you why. I didn't realize until I was done applying and then touched my neck and thought "this is weird why is my neck sticky." Crystal Light has natural sweetener which results in stickiness when dried as opposed to single packet kool aid which is unsweetened. Opt for unsweetened if you can. I found out later in the week when I visited Target that Target carries Kool Aid in pink lemonade. Woops too late.

1. The box of Crystal Light was $2.99 for 10 packets. In my mixture I used 7 packets, a packet of Kool Aid strawberry that I found left over from last time, a couple pinches of Kool Aid grape (which didn't seem to show up at all), a few drops of neon pink food coloring, a little bit of water, and conditioner and mixed it all together. And don't forget gloves!

2. Applied it on my hair and combed through it to make sure I got everywhere. Then I clipped it up and put on a shower cap, then laid a towel out on my pillow and slept on it.

3. Washed it out in the morning, and voila! I would suggest just rinsing it out and not shampooing right away.

I was going to talk more but this is a relatively text heavy post so there you go. It's just past 10pm but it feels so late because I've been waking up at 5am since Saturday so I wouldn't miss the gymnastics event finals as they stream live. There's lots of events tomorrow so I have to wake up at 5 again and probably go to sleep now.





Sia said...

Such a nice color. Maybe I should try this since I'm getting tired of my blonde hair.

Tracy Kung said...

That color is nice! I've been meaning to dye my hair, I just haven't gotten around to buying any dye.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic but where did you get the sweater? Want it =0!

Kaiami said...

Anon: I found it at a second hand store in Taiwan! It doesn't have any tags on it so I'm not sure where it's from, but I found a strikingly similar top while browsing a Taiwanese magazine. I dont think the product is on the website but here's a link anyway

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