Saturday, November 17, 2012


I had a critique last monday in draping for our dresses. Can you guess which one is mine?
If you guessed the one on the far right, you are correct! There are some things I need to tweak, but I'm overall satisfied with the end result. I haven't worn lolita in a really long time. Not since I moved coasts last year, because I didn't have enough luggage space to bring any dresses over. I keep thinking how I want to buy another one, but there hasn't been one that's come up that I really wanted. I thought about how much I wanted a dress all last weekend that I ended up making one for my critique.

This one is just my muslin sample, but it fits pretty alright so I might end up dying it to be worn. I don't know what color, though. For the final fabric, I'm hopefully going to find something with a nice print. Otherwise, I'll be revisiting the pattern and doing something more interesting on the front.
I got a little white to work on my final. Hopefully it'll come out nicely.



Roli said...

I love the back of this dress :)

Ludo said...

Beautiful dress! Clothes you make or alter yourself are always the best, and I love the back bows!

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