Saturday, December 1, 2012

quick rewind.

A couple weeks back the GSA at my school had an event so I attended. It's called Genderfu*k, "an informal open mic to commemorate the LGBTQA Community." I wanted to more outgoing this year and join some clubs. I'm a member to a couple clubs but club meetings are so awkward that I just don't attend except to the club events. I attended the first meeting of comic club and it was just all around awkward because I was late because I got lost in the building looking for the right room, and when I arrived there were tons of people and no chairs left and I stood around in a corner for a while till more chairs were grabbed out. Then they were playing a drawing game and I couldn't join because I got there too late and just. I didn't go back for a meeting, just the events. For the event, crossdressing was encouraged but it's a little harder with my long hair so I wore a beanie. I think I just looked like how I normally dress.
Jacket from Forever 21, Free People sweater free from swap box, button up shirt from Goodwill, Zara pants, Converse, hat and scarf from Beacons Closet
I didn't take too many pictures at the event. Quite a few people attended. The whole back table was food and refreshments. There was a lot of food! Sandwiches, donuts, jello, lots of food. I wish I'd been more hungry.
I bought a shirt for $5. They're hand printed and the money that's earned is donated toward Sandy relief. Those who stayed till the very end got this neat keychain ornament. I wasn't a speaker or performer (I wanted to sign up to dance but I'm a terrible dancer. I've tried), but it was great and worthwhile to go to see other people express themselves and speak out about identity and struggles and acceptance.


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