Thursday, December 27, 2012

critiques are so much fun just kidding.

Photos of my dress from my draping final. I quite like how it came out. I chose a navy toile an cream lace. All I had was stark white lace so I tea dyed it with Harney and Sons Vanilla Comoro.
It looks a little funny because I don't have a petticoat large enough to fill the whole skirt.
The necklace was made by me too. I've never made jewelry before so it took a while for me to get it done. Instead of stringing the beads, I used wires so make links. Might do a tutorial on that.

While it wasn't necessary for the presentation, I included an illustration with different colorways the dress would come in. It made me a little sad after making it because I would personally rather have the pink colorway than the navy!
After our critiques, Emily and I tried on our final dresses and took pictures in them.
I took it back home and showed my mom. Then my dad came in and I told him to check out the dress I made. You made that? he asked. And your teacher didn't give you an A? Nope. Then what IS a A?! Beats me. Nothing I make, apparently. Bummer. It's break but I'm busy being sick and going to doctors and doing applications and business things and other fun things like that. Love, Kaia


Adele said...

Be proud of what you achieved! But it sucks you didn't get the grade you wanted. Don't let it discourage you :)

Anonymous said...

Wspaniała sukienka. Na prawdę świetna!
Nie zniechęcaj się i dawaj z siebie wszystko, jak teraz. Czasem trzeba trochę poczekać. : )
Uwielbiam Cię!

Ellie said...

Your dress looks awesome. Did anyone at all get an A?
Love the necklace btw! ♥_♥

Anonymous said...

I would've given you an A! It's beautiful.

prancing bee said...

o_o not an A?!
It's a beautiful dress!

Anonymous said...

Your necklace is beautiful! It would be really awesome if you could make a tutorial for it :)

Angel said...

The dress is beautiful. If I could make dresses half as good as this... well I'd be set. You should be very proud!

Unknown said...

OMG!! You look like a princess when you wore it!!

Kaiami said...

@ Tesu Oddry: That's quite a compliment, thank you!

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