Wednesday, January 23, 2013

i can't feel my face.

For the past while, I'd been back in California where on days, it's still so sunny that I'd have to take my parasol out. I came back to New York a couple weeks ago and it was pretty nice temperature for a while. In the upper 40's to 50's every day. I think 50's is pretty ideal. Gosh but starting last week or so temperatures have dropped to the point in which I just want to bundle into a blanket burrito and hide myself under a kotatsu.
sweater from Goodwill, skirt from Thrift Town, leggings: got for christmas from mom, socks from h&m, TUK creepers from Karmaloop.
You can't see it here, but I'm wearing that box shirt that I wore here. I don't think I've worn it in over a year?? And that skirt, I haven't worn it in two years. I was wondering to myself why, and I think it was because I found myself tripping a lot when I wore it. The underskirt was a straight skirt that went past my knees, which restricted a lot of movement in the legs, so I cut that open recently and taadaa no more tripping!
I had just gotten these creepers in the mail. I've wanted to get a pair for ages! There was someone who was selling a pair for cheap at the swap meet at Fanime a few years back but they weren't my size so I didn't even bother trying on, which I regret. Over the summer I settled on a pair from Underground that were around $160 or so. I had saved up enough to get them, and when the time came my size was sold out and never restocked. I'm kind of glad that's how it went, though. A couple weeks ago I went on Karmaloop and there was one pair left of double sole creepers in back left in the shop, and they happened to be my size! I ended getting them for $60.
I have clsses in the afternoon today. It's too cold to go outside. I don't know what I'm going to wear. I need to do laundry. Also cook lunch.

Love, Kaia


Kri said...

yes creepers! It's getting warmer here in the Bay Area as well and I'm not happy about it! lol Stay warm tho .. ^ ^

Kaiami said...

@Kri: I feel the same when when I'm in the bay! I wouldn't be able to survive 70 degree socal winters.

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