Friday, March 1, 2013

let's try something different.

It felt like I had been wearing skirts and dresses every day for the past month, so I decided to switch it up a little bit. I liked switching between more feminine and more androgynous outfits when I had shorter hair but with my current long hair, I felt super feminine in everything I wore.
I finally invested in a binder! I'd been meaning to for a while but every time I try to, I get put off by prices and push it off. I ended up buying a cheaper comfortable one with the money I made from online sales at my store. No more awkward lumps when wearing guys shirts, thank goodness.
plaid shirt from goodwill, t shirt from swap meet, pants from zara, t.u.k creepers, sex pot revenge chain lock necklace
I tried arranging my hair into a rocker hairstyle by pulling it all to one side. I am a pro at losing things and I couldn't find my bobby pins, which made it a little difficult to keep together. Lucky for me it's my free day and my destination for the day was Target so I bought another pack of bobbies.
When am I touching up those roots? Maybe never. Or when I cut all my hair off. I've always wanted my hair short and silver. I have a bunch of pictures saved on my computer from Valentine's Day. Trying to decide if it's too late to post those. Also working on a tutorial or two to post on the blog! Looking forward to those.

Love, Kaia


Amy. said...

I think your roots add to the look.
Short hair ftw!

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