Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tutorial: Chain beading for pretty beaded jewelry

A few months ago, I mentioned possibly making a tutorial on jewelry making on this entry, after making a pearl necklace for my final draping project. Well, I've got around to doing that!

My favorite necklaces and chokers from Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright were all made by chain beading, but because I have little to no knowledge about jewelry making, it took me just about three years to comprehend how the technique is done. Once you know how, it’s super easy!

  •  First, let’s start of with materials. The basic things you should have are wire, pliers, and beads. I am asked often about where my beads are from. I buy all of my pearl beads from Michaels craft stores. I buy Crystazzi brand ones in the 6mm size.

  • Choose what wire color you want to go with for your project. use your pliers to cut a length of wire. It should be long enough to fit your bead and make two loops.
  • Using your needle nose plier, curl the bottom of the wire to make a loop.

  • Here's what your loop should look like

  • Now thread your first bead in
  • Determine a good length for another loop, and cut off the excess

  • Loop the other side, and now you have the general idea!

  • Here’s where the chaining/bead linking comes in. To continue your chain, repeat what you just did by cutting another length of wire and making a loop at the bottom. This time, allow your loop to connect with the loop of your first piece.

  • Tadaa! Just like that. After you get the hang of it, just keep going until you reach your desired length.
  • Here’s the final piece!

  • Remember that you’re not limited in your creativity! Your beads can be different colors, different shapes, and different sizes. For added fun, you can link charms into your piece also!

 Hope you guys found this tutorial to be useful!
Love, Kaia


sugoi-punk said...

this is really nice! very creative :D

livlovelaugh said...

Oh wow! Very nice!


Tesu Oddry said...

WOW!! So beautiful and very creative!

Linda Cheng said...

Wow that's beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!

Rachel Matteson said...

It's surprisingly easy to make. Thanks a lot for sharing. Will definitely try it at home. This might be the start of my bead-making career. LOL. :)

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