Sunday, March 3, 2013

opposite me.

My friend Stephen put me up to the challenge of wearing two outfits in a day with the first being super girly and the second being androgynous. I was up for it. I had been planning on wearing one of my new lolita dresses, but decided against it last minute and wore this outfit that I've wanted to wear for a while and never got around to.
It's a little hard to differentiate my bed jacket with the dress, but my bed jacket is this translucent puff sleeve jacket that goes down to my knees. I was lucky enough to find it at the flea market for a dollar! What a deal. One of the things I love most about the Bay Area is going to the flea market every month. I haven't taken much of a liking to New York flea markets.
dress from H&M conscious collection, vintage bed jacket from flea market, coat from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Forever21 stockings, shoes from Taiwan.
It's also my first time wearing this coat out. I've never thought about wanting a lolita coat since it doesn't get cold enough for me to need one in California. I didn't even have that many jackets, and was generally unprepared for the winter on the east coast. I've adjusted so well that I start to feel overheated when it hits 50 degrees in New York.
I've also had these stockings for a while. I think I bought them about a year ago when I realized all of my tights are black and I don't always want black tights. The flower print is a little flocky. They're pretty darn good for $5! I really like this outfit. It makes me feel like a princess

I had about an hour and a half between classes, but I had to wash and dry my hair and make lunch and eat it so I didn't spend as long as I would have liked to to choose out an outfit.
Hooded shirt from Taiwan, Obey t shirt from Buffalo Exchange, Kangol beanie from Beacons Closet.
Gosh I wear these creepers everywhere now. They were slightly heavy for me when I first got them but it didn't take long to get used to them and now they're my favorite, most comfortable pair of shoes.

I was on tumblr today and a girl that I follow posted the newest SHINee video so I watched it. I was a big follower of Kpop a couple years back but I more or less don't keep up anymore aside from reading occasional updates on SHINee when they come up on facebook, and f(x) when they have new music. And whatever is on MTV or playing in stores when I'm around in Taiwan.
Taeminie starts it off! How exciting. I'm diggin his hat.

Love, Kaia


Malena said...

I love the contrast between the hyper feminine and the androgynous look! Also I'm obsessed with that video/song

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