Friday, March 23, 2012

and right now it's just right.

Yesterday's second outfit. It was a little cooler in the morning so I had a different outfit for my morning class, and then switched out to this one in the afternoon when it became really sunny, to go with my parasol.

dress from H&M, skirt from lea market, top from Taiwan, necklace from Forever21, Jeffrey Campbell 99 ties in black suede.
I wear these shoes a lot in my room but I dont wear them out that often because they make my stride shorter and I like to walk fast. But when the weather is really nice and there's time to just walk outside and enjoy the scenery, I like to wear these out.
I wear this outfit really often, but I had an abnormal amount of compliments on it yesterday. In my patternmaking class, my teacher said I was cute and had me lead the class in the critique.

The weather right now is really great!! I don't like warm weather. I get allergic reactions to heat and sun so Summer is not my time of the year. Right now it's just the right degree of warm.

Love, Kaia


Ludo said...

Beautiful! You look like a doll :)

RA said...

omg, girl you look stunning <3

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