Friday, March 2, 2012

lets go on a picnik break.

Finally some photos that aren't heavily edited on picnik. I've been using picnik a lot lately because of the whole shutting down dilemma. I'm sad about that because even though I have photoshop, I often prefer using picnik.

Here's an outfit from a while ago

cat sweater from thrift store. skirt from Charlotte Russe, jeans from Japan, jacket from H&M, shoes from Nordstrom Rack, hat scarf from Brooklyn Chinatown, bag: gift from friend who got it in China.

Generally I think it's supposed to be really cold during this time, but weather has been warm more often than it should. A couple days ago I was wearing shorts (in February in New York. I don't think that's normal).

Last weekend, I painted a sign to put up on my dorm door. It's a picture of my roomie and me riding on my alpaca. I was planning on painting it when we moved in together, but I hadn't really had time on the weekends. Which reminds me, I have my history midterm on Monday...the most dreadful thought in my mind right now. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't all memorization. But it is. So it is that bad.

I'm enjoying my second semester classes more than first. In construction, we aren't making real garments; instead we're learning about different fabric, examining clothes to see how they're made and what kind of seam finishes are used for everything, and then sewing swatch samples of all those finishes out of different fabrics. I have more fun doing that.
Additionally, we've been doing a lot more design. I'm taking apparel presentation this semester, and it's so much work. But that's just the kind of training I need; designing under time constraints. This one is one of three pages of croquis I did this week. I think in total there are 35 designs I did this week. I remember I was struggling just to make 10ish croquis for FIT's portfolio. Those took me weeks to do. Now I draw a page of croquis in 30 minutes to an hour.

I was making a wishlist post this morning, and it was so difficult. In the past, I made on every month so there would always be enough to make a page out of them. But because I haven't made one in so long, the list just got too long. I haven't bought new clothes in months (except for last night's impulse buy...I'll probably post about that when it gets here).

I went through a lot of my old posts today and it made me really nostalgic and sad that I haven't been keeping up with posting. I wish I could post every other day. It's probably not possible, but my goal right now is at least once a week. I'll see if I can make that happen.

Love, Kaia


jon said...

That painting is so adorable ;v; also your room seems to be really bright, which I love!

Anonymous said...

Your illustrations are so make me miss my fashion school I wish to take lessons again!Your bag is adorable!

Unknown said...

I love your illustrations - so cute!

Kun said...

your thrift store cat shirt! XD I remember seeing it on an older post.. Your designs are so cool, and really my style. Haha! The two at the bottom left are especially love =3=

Randi Lang said...

Miss Kaia! I would just love to say, your sketches and style are beautiful and definitely inspiring as I haven't picked up a pencil and sketched in a long time! I hope you don't mind I would like to add your blog to my links. I shall continue following as I love reading about your thrift finds! Take care!

Kaiami said...

Thank you for your nice comment, Randi! I really appreciate it!

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