Thursday, March 22, 2012

nothing makes me happier than really nice people.

Today was my critique for my patternmaking class. I'm always really nervous for it because I'm not very good at sewing or understanding directions, and patternmaking is a very much sewing based class. I am always afraid of doing something wrong because I don't completely understand it, and when I sew things it's always finished badly and the zipper is off somehow and something doesn't line up and something is caught on something. Always. So critique days are usually the days I dread most. My teacher is very critical about small details.
For our critique today, we presented our dirndl skirts. Before, we would make all of our designs in muslin but starting last week our teacher gave us the option of making our skirts out of fabric, and we had to design it too. Mine is the blue one with the bear face. I was really excited to see everyone's skirts because I think they all came out really nicely. Everyone's gathers were really even and the yokes were all really good. I think everyone had a shaped yoke except for me.

I'm pretty happy with how the skirt came out, and it seems that the work paid off because I had the nicest comments today.
When we do critiques, we all put our garments on a dressform, and after we all examine each other's garments, we pull out the ones we think are the best. Generally only a couple are chosen and we're really nitpicky about everything. Mine usually sits in the back in shame, but this week my skirt was picked out first, by several people. It was really touching.
The inside of the yoke has a floral facing. And inside both of the side seam pockets.
lace trimmed with mint topstitch. I went and bought ten yards of this lace. It was $1 for two yards which is really awesome!
And then there's the bear shaped double patch pocket made out of felt. This pocket makes me happy.

I hope that I will be able to get a decent grade on my skirt. My teacher has never once said anything nice about the garments I've turned in before, but she said today that she loved my skirt and she is really proud of everyone's sewing.
Here's me trying it on before adding on the trims. Everything we make has to be industry standard size 8 (which is the size of all the mannequins we have at school which fits more like a size 4), and I'm really glad that it's not far from my size so I can fit in almost all the things we make in class.

So many things for me to blog about!!!!!! The weather was different from the morning to afternoon so I have two outfits that I could post too.

Love, Kaia


Anonymous said...

What school are you attending?

finntje said...

That bear pocket is so cute!! And I really like the floral lining, it's lovely :)

Ludo said...

The skirt is really cute! I know what you mean, I used to get so stressed when my visual arts class had critique days.

Iris said...

Ohh, how super lovely skirts♥!

Randi Lang said...

:) It's funny because before I continued reading and was looking at the picture I kind of had an idea that the skirt with the lil' bear was yours :) Too cute! :D

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