Monday, March 19, 2012

sometimes even i can't catch up with myself.

Everything is always a little hectic. I found these pictures from earlier this month. I don't remember when this outfit was from but I know it was a Wednesday because I specifically wore my velvet pants for our velvet unit in construction class.

black lace tank, Jones NY velvet rose print pants, and Esprit jacket from thrift. Sweater from flea market. Floral Doc Martens.
Wednesdays are one of my busiest days, since class starts in the morning and ends at night, so these pictures were rushed in the 15 minutes before my morning class (and ended up getting to class 5 minutes late, though class didn't start until 10 minutes later).

Sometimes I take outfit posts and never find the time to post them. I try to utilize my time between classes by doing photo editing or shorter assignments during lunch break. I have a number of posts planned that will hopefully by posted soon!

Love, Kaia


Ludo said...

The teddy bear hood is adorable! P.S. We have the same boots ;)

Iris said...

You are super cute, I love your shoes and I really hope that you have more time to post some photos later as well:)!
Have a awesome day sweetie,

Jenny K. said...

You have the cutest fashion I've ever seen. I love it.

following you on bloglovin'

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