Thursday, September 13, 2012

child at heart.

Something pretty exciting, the dressforms we ordered for class arrived, so I relocated mine back to my room! Unfortunately we need it for class too so I'll be carrying it back and forth which is a little difficult to do.
Sometimes I feel like Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle with my hair (that's my favorite movie, by the way).
The weather is finally starting to cool down. Mid September, seems about right. I don't do well in warm weather so I like the current weather. Last Saturday I went to Princeton to attend a Children's Book Festival at the Princeton Public Library. I want to be a storybook author/illustrator so I thought it'd be good to check out the festival. There were over 70 children's authors and illustrators there, and so many books I wanted to buy! At the festival, I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of authors about their work and the industry. I didn't stay for very long but it was worth a trip.
It was supposed to be thunderstorming the day that I went to Princeton, but I was pretty lucky and the weather was great the whole time I was there. Not five minutes after I returned to the city and to my dorm, it started heavy raining. I got lucky. Love, Kaia


kate cait sith said...

You channel the mori girl thing pretty well! Not sure if that was your intention. Looking great... such a fresh look.

Hajime said...

You look very beautiful in your new hair colour!

li_zakura said...

I love your new hair color and your dress<3 you look very pretty^^

Unknown said...

omg i love your bleached hair, it's super cute!
would you like to follow each other?

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Maria said...

Love this outfit! I follow U

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