Saturday, September 22, 2012

sometimes it rains.

A few days ago we were getting some major rain.
collared shirt from free market at school, galaxy top from thrift shop in Taiwan, jeans from Sassy, Taiwan, Doc Martens, Kangol knit hat from Beacons Closet. Umbrella from Morning Glory.
New York tends to get a lot of rain during the summer so not long after I got to New York I went to buy a new umbrella in Flushing. My old one was crushed or something while in storage and doesn't open up anymore. My first day of class, it POURED, and we still had our windows fully open when class ended, and Emily and I sprinted back to our room. Fortunately nothing was damaged. I bought an umbrella soon after that. I take it out every time it rains, but somehow whenever class ends and I get out it stops raining. I suppose that's a good thing, but I kind of want to use my umbrella. Christina and I took our umbrellas on a trip in the city and carried them around for hours and didn't get to use them. It felt like a waste carrying them around for so long without using them that on our way back we just had them open even though it wasn't raining. There were some curious looks.
On another note, here's something cute I got in the mail recently.
Hang in there, kitten. Love, Kaia


Unknown said...

I really like this outfit. That sweatshirt is amazing.

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