Tuesday, September 11, 2012

i am not a goddess.

It's pretty apparent that I try to steer away from any talk of hair because ever since I bleached my hair in April, I haven't stopped experimenting with different colors and dyes and methods of dying. All the talk about my hair makes it hard for me to talk about anything else. I'm going to talk about it this time because it feels weird to have my hair suddenly change in outfit posts and not talk about it. It'd been four months since I bleached my hair, and my roots were completely visible and I had to find time to fix it. I hadn't decided what color I was going for, just that I wanted to fix up the roots. After bleaching roots the first time I had to go back and have my roommate touch up all the areas that I missed. I mixed too much bleach and ended up bleaching the rest of my hair.
Some pictures I took after bleaching. When Emily saw the pictures she said "oh my god, Bianca. You look like a goddess." I couldn't stop laughing. The first picture was taken on high exposure while the second one was taken on medium. The latter is a pretty accurate representation of the color at the time. It was bright and yellowy, but not nearly as blinding as the orange I had gotten in my first round of bleaching earlier this year.
This other picture was taken after I dyed it with Revlon Colorsilk Ultra Light Ash Blond. Also when I took the pictures from last week. I liked it okay, but didn't think it suited me. Pale yellow blond looks fantastic with fair skinned people with an even skintone. I have a medium-uneven skintone, so my hair color requires me to cake on foundation every morning, which I don't like doing. Since my hair was light, I had the liberty of going pretty much any color that I wanted. I've wanted to try La Riche Directions hair dye for a while, so I bought myself some online. I highly recommend this website! It only took two or three days to get my order. My top choices were pastel pink and silver, but since I went pink relatively recently, I bought the silver. La Riche Directions is semi permanent like Manic Panic, for those who are familiar with it. It can be left on the hair as long as you'd like because there isn't developer in it to harm your hair. It works kind of like applying conditioner. The silver comes in a little indigo tub and looks pretty indigo-blue when applied (similar to purple shampoo but more blue).
Silver was what I was attempting when I bleached my hair earlier this year. I've wanted silver hair since Tavi first went silver. It didn't work out because my hair was still in the orange phase so it wasn't nearly light enough to take the silver tones. The results weren't unpleasant, though. Silver worked out a lot better this time around, though. Silver goes relatively nicely with all clothes. It photographs unexpectedly well (meaning the pictures are nicer than in real life). The dye works better the lighter your hair is, so in all of the parts my hair was a pale-nearly-white-yellow, it washed out as an aqua silver. The parts where the yellow was a bit darker, it came out more like a haystack-sand. From far away it mixes pretty well but the difference is very visible up close.
So far I've only washed my hair once since dying so I don't know how long the dye will last yet. If it washes out and I'm back to yellow blond by October, I'm dying my hair pink for my birthday. Love, Kaia


holly [at] covetous creatures said...

Your hair looks so awesome! I'll let you in on a secret - silver/white always looks better in pictures (and in super bright light) than it does in real life. It also is never perfectly even, but it will always look worse to you than it does to anyone else. I love it!

Kaiami said...

Holly, you are a hair goddess. My hair role model! *-*

holly [at] covetous creatures said...

Haha, I'm jealous of yours now!

kate cait sith said...

This look works for you... I REALLY like the silver hair. I've always wanted to attempt it myself but I don't have enough money to maintain the look... or do it in the first place. :-(
The La Riche Directions hair dye seems like a really good brand. Thanks for recommending it...

SPiDER said...

silver looks good on you :D i kept bleaching my tips and it's all fried now T-T even though it's not even the color i wanted it to be :( haha

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