Sunday, October 7, 2012

our curiosities.

Yesterday Emri and I modeled for our roomie Nana's photo assignment. Here are some of my picks for the shoot. We all chose out our favorites so check out their blogs too for their favorite picks!
Under one of the trees, I got mauled twice with fruits from the tree. I still don't know what fruit it is. Looks kind of like apricot cherries. Either way, they hurt a lot more than they look.

Ems is playing Alyce while I'm Jackalope. We were given liberty in the way we dressed. Originally I had my hair tied in buns to look like rabbit ears but it came out looking more like a bear or a mouse, so I gave up and wore antlers instead. The shoot took maybe a couple hours. There was a chance of rain, but luckily there wasn't any rain while we were out. When we got back, Nana treated us to rootbeer floats.
Here's some group shots with our lovely photographer. Cutie roomies.

Love, Kaia


alice-jane said...

Cute clothes! :D The location is very nice too!

Anonymous said...

Oryginalne ciuchy. Piękne!
Kocham Ciebie, twój styl i twoje rysunki! :)

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