Thursday, February 3, 2011


My room has been relatively tidy for a while, but after I started working on the sewing portion of my FIT portfolio, somehow it ended up like this.
And this is after a bit of cleaning. A couple days back, I couldn't even walk to my desk from the door. As soon as all of my college apps are completed, I will clean this place up.

The past few days, I've been getting that "so much clothing but nothing to wear" kind of feeling. I used to dress up when I have free time, and then wear those outfits that I put together. But lately, I've only been wanting to rest or read comics in my spare time. I always thought seniors had it easy, until this year.

Today was a swacket day.
Despite there being so many ways to wear it, I seem to always wear it the same way. I also get really paranoid when wearing it because I don't want to get it dirty. A friend of mine ate curry for lunch today, and I was shifting away from her every second in fear for my swacket.

About the mystery mail mentioned in my previous post! It turned out to be this amazingly amazing calendar sent to be by TuyetDinhSinhVat.
I really love her work. If only I could watercolor half as well. Watercolor is my favorite medium, but it is also one of my weakest.

I don't know if I said anything about my optical mouse, but the scroll broke a couple months back, and doesn't do anything besides spin like a wheel. I went out and bought another one yesterday.
The left one is the one that broke. I wanted to buy a replacement for it, but I bought it in Taiwan and importing in a new one costs way too much. I got this mini Asus one to use until I can get me another egg mouse. It feels really, really small, and kind of feels like a toy.

Another thing, if I ever held a giveaway, what kinds of things would you guys like to see?

Gosh, I hope I can finish another college app today.

Love, Kai


Anonymous said...

Artwork, clothing pieces,small things. Probably anything that you like that seems to be a good giveaway. I like your your floral items and SHINee. Basically anything cute and wanting. :}

DearKarYan said...

Egg mouse? :)
Ahaha! Your room almost looks like mine aka war just happened! :P
I love the calender! So cute n__n

Savannah Burton said...

Your mouse is adorable! If you had a give away, I want clothes made by YOU!!!!!!

Asuka said...

my room looks exactly the same after some days without tiding it up :/ xDDD
the calendar is so adoreable *-* /jealous
and that's a really sweet mouse hehe
mhhh for a give-away? I guess jewelry is pretty nice, because it fits everyone, but I guess something made by you, would be absolutely awesome!

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