Monday, February 14, 2011

on a valentine's day.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! It rained today. Exciting stuff. And I dressed up today. More exciting stuff. Dressing up is kind of a tradition. I think I've been dressing up yearly since maybe 6th grade. Actually, I'm not sure about middle school, but I dressed up in 6th grade and throughout high school.

Dress from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, necklace from Angelic Pretty, cardigan from Goodwill, freebie tights, shoes from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
Unflattering, unmadeup face. I had planned on going all out with false eyelashes and everything, but was too sleep deprived to get out of bed in time. It should be against the law to have to wake up anytime before 7. Even 7 is kind of pushing it. When I was in kindergarten, I wasn't allowed to get up before 8am. My brother and I would sneak out of bed at 7 to watch Sonic the Hedgehog on TV and then go back to sleep for another thirty minutes before our parents catch us.
And of course, the watch doesn't go with anything. As always. I prefer function over fashion for watches, though. The pink heart Betsey Johnson watch that I got for my 17th birthday burned out of batteries after I wore it twice. And then my mom returns it. And there went my gift.
I got this necklace at Angelic Pretty in Osaka. Silly as it sounds, I just wanted to buy something from all of the lolita stores, and the necklace was one of the cheapest things there.
My white heartbuckle shoes from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. These were pricey, but I used to be obsessed with these shoes and jumped at every opportunity to get them.

On Valentine's Day, choir goes around singing serenades for people whose friends bought them. I've never gotten one before, but my friend bought be a rap gram this year, sold by hip hop club.
Incredibly embarrassing. All of the rap grams are specially customized and well done.

Apparently, there were balloon grams this year too. I don't spend third period at my home school, so I never get to hear the morning announcements. So I didn't know about the balloon grams either. Kind of wish I did.

Bonus of the day. Here's a snippet of the school newspaper with me in it. I was interviewed for being an artist/seller at my local convention.

Still waiting on summer break.

Love, Kai


Iris said...

Lovely lolita dress and cute outfit!

- said...

your dress is so sweet!
hope you don't mind me asking, but where did you got that wig? thanks =)

Kaiami said...

Thanks, you guys!
Asuka, I'm not sure of the brand. I bought it from a seller on livejournal

Kelsey said...

Your face and eyes are so cute in the newspaper image! Why don't you smile like that for us?!

And I'm extremely jealous of those shoes! I kinda regret not doing anything for Valentine's Day; I should have at least dressed up!

Marlena said...

You look super cute! <3

crimson said...

That a really cute, cozy-looking outfit :)

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