Monday, February 21, 2011

comic book hero.

I made a quick trip to Goodwill yesterday after lunch, because we ate at a restaurant not too far away from the store. I went around the whole store and found nothing that I wanted besides a pair of Dolce Vita for Target shoes that were size 10's (not my size). But right before I left, I went to the men's section and all of a sudden, I couldn't stop finding things I wanted.
Comic print hoodie. How cool is that. The brand is called Junk Food.
My brother and I spent a pretty long time reading it. The panels aren't very interesting because it's stereotypical comic book phrases and no plot or characters. But still.

I also found a nice cardigan right before leaving. It's by Hang Ten, and I think it's the Hang Ten that they have in Taiwan. Or Asia. I don't know about the other countries. I think Hong Kong has them.

And my mom was sweet and bought me an INC bubble skirt because she was pretty sure I liked bubble skirts. Thanks, mom!

Hopefully, I'll be going on a thrift shopping expedition with my biffle next week. Getting those thrift posts back up!

Love, Kai


DearKarYan said...

Great thrift finds! :)
The comic book hoodie is awesome! My favorite out of the three has to be the cardigan! <3

Anonymous said...

very cute.))
love this so much.))*

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