Thursday, February 10, 2011


Coughing fit today. Coughing my internal organs out. Not fun. As a perfect attendance student, I never miss a day of school. For the first time, I took yesterday off to rest, in hope that I would get better today so I could do my literature performance and government debate. Fever is gone, and now it's just really terrible coughing and stuffy noses.

Saba Blazer from Goodwill, shirt from F21, bowtie from 6% Dokidoki, American Eagle pants
For my performance in literature, I played mafia boss!Othello. In groups, we were to take the Shakespeare text and put it in a different setting. I had a paper mustache for the performance too. I was planning on wearing a tie to look more formal, but tying ties is one of my disabilities.
This is that one Saba blazer that I found at Goodwill. The quality of this thing is amazing. I'm not usually a fan of shoulder padding (I cut them out of vintage pieces because I can't stand them), but the padding in this blazer is really flattering. The fabric is nice, and it feels almost like a tux.
Though they're usually on sale, a blazer from Saba has about a $300 retail price. Makes me kind of happy that I got this one for $7. When I tried it on, I wondered why it felt so tight for a size 8. Apparently, Australian size 8's equal to a US size 4. It's been a while since I've worn a size 4. Nowadays I just buy everything with elastic.

Love, Kai


Asuka said...

I hate to miss school too! But I guess it's necessary from time to time =)
You look amazing in that outfit, don't get me wrong =D I wish I could have seen you playing that mafia boss he he he

Randi said...

haha you look awesome in that outfit, pretty bad ass! i hope you feel better, i hate missing school i get sooo far behind :[

Kelsey said...

AH! I love your expression in that picture! It made me laugh <3

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